If you would like to discuss any of our services please give me a call on 086 8366878


We charge on a per day basis, – so on the day of departure all dogs need to be collected by 12pm. Any later than 12pm and a full day’s charge will apply.

The Kennels

Each kennel comprises of an indoor kennel attached to its own outside run. There are kennels for smaller type dogs which have heating, & we also have larger kennels for larger breed of dogs. 


The kennels are power hosed out daily both inside and outside using an anti viral product to maintain optimum hygiene standards.


We can provide feed for your dog, or we generally feed your own food if supplied.

Walking & Exercise

Each dog will be walked morning and evening, and provide social time throughout the day


We are happy to administer oral medication if required at no extra charge


All dogs must be fully vaccinated. We also require that dogs are vaccinated against kennel cough.

Vaccination certificates will be required for inspection when checking dog into the kennels.
To ensure your dog is fully covered and in the correct amount of time for the vaccine to become active in the system, please discuss with your own vet


Dog Collection & Drop Off

We can arrange with you, to collect your dog and or drop your dog back to your house on your return within a 10-15Km range of our premises. A fee of €10 for each trip will apply if required. 


One Dog

if you have any additional requirements please call us 


€ 20


Two Dogs Sharing

 if you have any additional requirements please call us 




Three Dogs Sharing 

 if you have any additional requirements please call us