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Frequently asked questions

Are dogs mixed at any time during their stay in the Kennels?

Each dog's requirements are met on a individual basis, and if required can be mixed or kept seperate.

Do the dogs get walked?

Yes all dogs get out for a good walk morning and evening

Can our Dog board with you if their Vaccinations are not up to date?

No . All dogs need to present with their vaccinations card on day of arrival , all vaccinations need to be up to date including Kennel Cough for dogs. Any Dog whose vaccinations are not up to date will be refused entry.

Do you take Dogs on medication?

Yes we do and we will administer medication per vets instructions.

Do you have a vet on call?

Yes we have a vet on 24hr call. Our policy is to also contact our clients vet if any issues occur.

Do the Kennels have heating during the winter?

Yes all our kennels are heated. we provide heatlamps all on timers when the temperatures get a bit cool.

Do you provide beds and blankets?

Our standard policy is for dogs to bring their own familar bedding. We can provide individual bedding if required.

Can we come and have a look around?

Absolutely Yes with new clients we always recommend they come and have a look around and ask as many questions as possible before they bring their pets.

Can we bring our own food.

Yes no problems with that, We recommend that you do, and we will feed per your instructions.

If a vet is called out to our dog who pays the vet?

We only call a vet out if we think the welfare of the Dog is at risk, the customer will be liable for the full amount regarding Vets assessment and medication if provided.

How often are Dogs fed?

We feed twice a day in the morning and the evening. We can also feed per customers instructions.